The Most Affordable and Fuel Efficient SUVs

The Most Affordable and Fuel Efficient SUVs1

People like the roominess and capability of an SUV, but they often miss the fuel efficiency and affordability of a car. Manufacturers have sought to address that issue in recent years by designing SUVs that are more efficient on fuel and have a lower price tag. Here are some of the top models if you are looking for great fuel economy and affordability.

Honda CR-V

If you are looking for an SUV that is slightly bigger than a car, but not too big, consider the compact SUV category. Here, you will discover the Honda CR-V. This model offers a vast array of standard features and a spacious interior while providing exceptional fuel economy. It also is priced about the same as a nice sedan.

Honda HR-V

Another model in this category by the same manufacturer is the HR-V. This is a practical choice if you are looking for a comfortable interior and ride. It is priced at the low end for SUVs, and it provides reliable performance with up to 34 MPG for the highway.

Ford Escape

Another compact model that you will appreciate is the Ford Escape. Select one from 2013 and newer with the new body design for improved efficiency. This model also features the option of a turbocharged engine for sportier handling.

Honda Pilot

If you prefer something a little larger, consider the midsize SUV with the Pilot leading the way. This model offers a roomy cabin with premium materials. Three rows allows you to fit more passengers inside while still providing an acceptable fuel efficiency of up to 27MPG. The Pilot also offers numerous luxury features, such as a panoramic roof and power tailgate along with heated and ventilated seats.

Toyota Highlander

Another model in the midsize category is the Highlander. This model provides ample space inside and a comfortable ride. Enjoy up to 25 MPG for the highway and an affordable price tag.

If you would like to add a little extra luxury to these affordable SUVs, look for models with a higher trim level at the local car dealer. They usually come with more amenities and only a small upgrade in cost. At the same time, you will still enjoy the same superior fuel economy.

Consider one of these models if you are looking for used Honda SUVs for sale in New Jersey and you won’t have to sacrifice the roominess of an SUV for affordability or efficiency.