How To Prepare For A Notary Public Exam?

A notary is one of the respectable professions in the country. Applicants are required to perform an extensive study to prepare to obtain a notary license. Many states need a notary to demonstrate their basic knowledge and importance of notary laws by taking a licensing exam. Here are a few tips that will help you prepare better for a notary public exam.

What role does a notary play?

Their task is to supervise the signing of critical documents. Once all relevant parties duly sign the documents, notaries can add their approval seal.

Why is it useful to obtain a notary license?

This is what you need to know before obtaining a notary license. This license is useful for secretaries, office clerks, administrative assistants, etc. as it enables them to act as an official witness when critical documents are signed.

How is the test undertaken by an applicant?

Tests are managed at a testing location in writing or in online form. The mode of taking the test differs from one state to another. You will find ample materials and opportunities to prepare for this exam.

Study the Rules for Notary Public Exam

The licensing authority provides guidelines to a candidate to take this exam. This guideline includes a handbook that provides all the important information pertaining to a notary public exam.

This handbook covers each and every aspect to become a notary, along with the laws to be adhered to, and the duties of a notary public. A few states enable the applicant to take notary public exam online as an “open-book test”. Thorough knowledge about the test will ensure a passing grade.

Read about Notary Public Laws

Check online sources for laws related to notary public in your state. The statute numbers have to be provided at the time of the registration of notary public exam and also in the notary public handbook of the state. You need to search for latest court cases that involve potential errors done by notaries. This will help you understand application of notary laws in real-life scenarios.

Study Potential Scenarios

Review common requests or frequently asked questions made to any notary public. Acting on potential scenarios aids you with a thorough understanding of the notary public laws and the proper measures to be taken.

Take a Practice Test

Practice test sessions available online provides self-test answers that will help you evaluate your work. Another method is to take a training course with a reputed organization “National Notary Association”.

The NNA offers online courses around the nation for a nominal fee. You will find a wealth of study material including books for applicants who are not able to attend a notary public training course. Go to the NNA website, select your state and discover a wealth of courses, seminars and materials.


Prior to taking a notary test, it is required to learn about the rules and laws as prescribed by the state in which you reside. Going through the handbook thoroughly and taking practice test will help you clear the test successfully.