Trendy Men’s Halloween Costumes that Are Inspired from Silver Screen

Men are usually anxious when it comes to Halloween dressing. There are many who do last minute panic-shopping and end up buying polyester zombie outfit or one of the expensive Game of Thrones attire for Halloween party in the office. Half of the crowd in the party will be one of the characters from GOT. There are many other characters that have made a mark on the silver screen and you may find the items for these trendiest easy costumes at home. In fact, these last-minute costumes can actually make you look good.

Internet world has contributed a lot to many sectors. The biggest achievement was in the fashion domain. Therefore, even at last minute if you’re struggling with a Halloween costume, online stores can be of great help. There are various online retailers who provide top Halloween costumes. However, not every time people are prepared to get dressed up in fancy clothes. In such case, there are some easy styles ready for men which can be influential to others.

Here is the list of some fascinating Halloween styles –

  • Not many men realize that sports costume can also become a part of Halloween, it might not address particular sportsmen, but you can imagine your favorite tennis player and get into white shorts and shirt with a white sweatband and a racket.
  • When you say ‘Top Gun’, the fighter pilot costume of Tom Cruise casted as Maverick comes to mind. Just an overall with some colorful patches is the last-minute solution.
  • The Royal Tenenbaums provided a good example of Halloween couple costume. Richie and his adopted sister Margot have a unique way of styling.
  • You wouldn’t have thought that you can dress up like Sherlock Holmes for an event. All you have to do is take out your dad’s vintage coat that can be worn on plain shirt, along with a scarf wrapped around neck and a deerstalker hat.
  • Embrace rock stars or pop singer of 1970’s, those who brought unique way of styling in music industry and for youngsters. Those jazzy looking sequined shirts with baggy pants or bell bottoms with unique accessories like chain, sunglasses and ankle boots.
  • The famous writer Oscar Wilde has left his mark on people with his stylish way of getting dressed up. His velvet blazer with furry coat and fancy rings was always accompanied with well knotted tie.
  • How can we forget Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan from James Bond? White shirt with black coat and bow-tie with polished shoes and well combed hair.
  • Do you like the cowboy look from Westworld or Indiana Jones? Go with denim shirt and jeans with grey wool jacket, belt with large buckle and ankle length boots.
  • The Adam’s family and Harry Potter is also an influential series. They give you a simple way of getting dressed up with some make up on your face.

31st October isn’t near, but it doesn’t take time to pass. Thus, this time think beforehand the character that influenced you more in your mid-twenties. There may be something among all top Halloween costumes mentioned above that inspired you.