A Guide to Learn When You Should Use Hazard Lights

One of the essential things about the theory test that you need to know is the display of a triangular shaped warning symbol. This symbol is activated once the hazard warning lights are switched on. To get more understanding about the hazard lights, read this article. In this post, you will learn all about hazard warning lights, and how to activate them.

What is the significance of hazard warning lights?

In simple words, the term “hazard warning lights” implies a warning to make road users cautious of the danger ahead. This warning sign when gets activated, then all 4 indicators begins to blink simultaneously. This will continue until they are not manually switched off. There can be other lights that can illuminate when this indicator is on.

Ways to activate hazards

In order to activate hazard light button, it is first and foremost thing to know where the hazard light button is placed in the vehicle. You need to know this prior to beginning to drive it or in the cases of an emergency. When you know the position of the hazard lighting beforehand, it helps you save time to search for it. UK driving theory test online is the best possible way to register for a driving test online.

If you begin searching for this button, you can find it easily. The size of this button is large enough with a red color on it that makes it easy to be seen. It can be either white triangle on a red colored background or a red triangle on a black colored background.

The triangle present in the button will illuminate on getting pressed it. Also, light on both left as well as right dashboard will flash intermittently, so as to remind that that they are in switched on state.

When should you make use of hazard lights?

There are specific circumstances when you need to use hazard lights. Like other lighting needs, the Highway Code states in Rule 116, those hazard lights should be used to convey risk or danger when your vehicle is in halt state. This will help in indicating other vehicle users that you may have come across an accident or waiting for the hindrance ahead you to get cleared. So, this could be the reason that you are ‘obstructing traffic’ on the road.

It is advised to always switch on the hazard warning lights in cases when you have met an accident. This needs to be done however the urgent situation is. You are required to switch on the light in daylight too as these lights serve as a means to gather attention to a risky situation that can arise even when the sun is shining.

Is it allowed to drive on the road with hazard lights on?

No. According to the law, it is not permitted to drive your vehicle with hazard lights on. These lights are only meant to indicate possibilities of danger ahead and when you are amidst an unrestricted dual carriageway (where you can drive at a speed of 70 mph in UK).


Hope with this article you now know about hazard lights, its significance and the right way to use it.