Easiest Solutions to Enjoy UK TV Abroad

English entertainment is gaining in popularity across Europe and with that comes demand for services such as Sky, a popular satellite television service company. In the past you would have had to live within their geographical service area to enjoy the English programming they offer. Enjoying UK TV abroad has never been easier than it is now. offers a couple of options for subscribers wanting to enjoy English speaking content. Some common options between the packages include a quality virtual private network which allows subscribers to enjoy Sky content outside of the restricted geographical area. Also, all subscribers through  receive a Sky card for their Sky HD Box and access to OnDemand content. Lastly, you are not required to have an address within the geographical service area as that is handled by as well as transferring subscription fees to Sky each month (monthly subscription fee varies based on package you choose when ordering).’s Sky solution provides over 300 English speaking channels to customers located in the United Kingdom. The virtual private network, which is included in your subscription, tells Sky that you are indeed in their geographical service area, when you are not, so service will be extended to you.

This opens options to enjoy UK TV abroad for more fans for a reasonable price. handles formalities with Sky such as providing a UK based address and payment options for service. This opens Sky to more fans in Europe including Belgium, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, and many more.

Hardware options for UK TV fans abroad range from just the Sky viewing card (for those that already have the other hardware) up to full hardware packages that include the Sky HD Box (with 500 gig hard drive for recording programming) and Wi-Fi VPN router. Each hardware package is tailored to fit the most common needs of customers with industry leading pricing.

All packages offer customers the option to subscribe to any package that Sky offers their customers within their service area. This includes OnDemand, movie and sports channels, and traditional programming. Programming subscriptions are additional options that are paid directly to Sky UK directly via Visa or MasterCard.

Ordering the solution that is right for you is as simple as visiting and picking your solution. If choosing just the Sky Viewing Card please note that you will need a dish and Sky box to enjoy programming. Other options available provide the Sky Viewing Card, Sky Box, and a VPN router depending on your purchase. If you are new to this type of entertainment service and unsure about all the initials and setup you may need to purchase the Full Interactive HD Sky Bundle option as it includes everything needed for immediate setup to enjoy UK TV abroad. brokers the sale of service to viewers across Europe and is not affiliated with Sky. By brokering the service viewers outside the service area can pay for service access while retaining a legal subscription to Sky. This is the easiest option to enjoy UK TV abroad for English speaking entertainment.