Information About Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana plant has more than 500 compounds amongst which cannabinoids are most significant. THC is the element that produces high, which is connected with recreational cannabis. CBD is a healing ingredient, which does not generate psychoactive effect.

How cannabinoids work?

Human brain produces cannabinoids, which are same as the ones present in marijuana. It functions via endocannabinoid system regulating sleep, emotions, movement, and appetite. Cannabinoids connect with specific receptors activating CB1 and CB2 receptors of the brain, immune and nervous system.

The reaction time gets slow, which hinders memory and judgment. CB1 receptors are situated in the brain, so you experience the high. THC offers pain relief and CBD calms the nervous system and enhances mood.

What is the difference between medical and recreational marijuana?

Medical marijuana extracts are produced from hemp, which holds very low percentage of THC and high CBD level. For buying medical marijuana you will need a certification. For information about how to get certification visit the website There is really no difference in the flowers or concentrate of both types but in hemp based medical marijuana therapeutic potency is higher than recreational ones.

People choose recreational weeds to enjoy the high effect and there is no need for any prescription to buy it. Make sure to go to recreational dispensary that is legal. The valid age to buy medical marijuana is 18+ but even minors can purchase them with a medical marijuana card.

What is the difference between CBD and THC?

THC and CBD are two active ingredients but in medical marijuana extracts CBD is given more importance. Why?

  • THC gives high but not CBD, so when you take medicinal weeds then you wish for a better life quality and not the psychoactive effect. Moreover, CBD roots low side effects than THC. For medicinal use only choose hemp-based extracts.
  • CBD is non-psychotic. Mind binding effect gets reduced. Marijuana extract free from THC but rich in CBD works great on mental illness.
  • People smoking recreational pot feel anxious or paranoid. CBD neutralizes the apprehension that the ingestion of THC has caused.
  • Many people find cannabis helpful to enjoy a sound night sleep. This is due to the THC element but CBD is believed to be wake-inducing agent therefore not appropriate as sleep medicine.

Cannabinoids differ from one strain to another

Strains with high level of CBD are used for medicinal purpose and weeds loaded with THC are enjoyed leisurely. Cannabis plants are of two major types – Indica and Sativa.

  • Indica contains more CBD. It makes your body heavy.
  • Sativa is high in THC, so affects your mind and makes you feel euphoric.

Therefore, Indica is preferred for medical benefits and used to treat conditions like cancer, lack of appetite, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s, MS, pain, spasms, mental issues and nausea.

Make sure to buy medical marijuana from licensed weed dispensary. You will need to show your medical marijuana certificate or card. Make sure to know about the legalities of medical marijuana card renewal policy.

Recreational marijuana dispensary will verify the age of the buyers, so carry an appropriate ID. Make sure that you take advice from the budtender about the potency of THC infused products.