Do’s and Don’ts When You Are with An Escort

Escort agencies include women who make a living by selling sex. Escort agency is just like an employment agency for them. They are in this business for money.

It is their occupation….

The role and responsibility of a graphic designer is to handle all the creative section of the workplace for an income. In the same way, sex workers duty is to provide intimacy to her clients for money.

When you hire the same graphic designer to work on your marketing project then a relationship is established. The graphic designer becomes your friend and likes to handle your projects because you are a great customer. Similarly, you can establish a relationship with an escort. Become a regular and get familiar with one another’s need. In this manner, you will get more pleasure.

If it is your first time with an escort then you will need to know the difference between fake escort ads and genuine ones. Fortunately, you give a visit to LOvesita website as there are high-end gorgeous woman associated with this agency. However, there are some dos and don’ts when you are with an escort.

Dos and Don’ts

On safety

Never ask for a bareback full service. She will deny. If you try to remove your condom half-way or slit it open, she will ask you to leave instantly. You will not get a refund.

An escort has handled every kind of trick that men try and they are also well informed about such things from their friend-escorts. The news of bad behavior from a client’s spreads like fire.

On respect

Never treat her like a whore. You pay to spend time and not own them. If you give respect, they will treat you with respect.

On romance

Never ever fall in love because it is easy as they are playing a role to fulfill your fantasy. It is not real!

On refunds

The moment she removes her clothes, you will not get your money back. She never guarantees that you will have an orgasm. Men with ED cannot cum, which does not mean she failed. She cannot control your body. Even if you come quickly, it is not her fault.

On limitations

Never ask her to cross her boundaries, which she has clearly told you about. Even if you offer her extra it is a boundary. She will offer extras for more money during a session but will not cross boundaries.

On hygiene

Never feel insulted, if she asks you to shower. She has to get intimate with you, so smell fresh.

On dirty trade

Never suggest that she check the envelope after you leave, it is a red flag. She will ask you to leave.

On disclosure

Never be secretive about medications like Viagra or age. Guys on Viagra never cum and men over 65 may suffer a stroke during wild sex.

On expectations

When you meet an escort and is not the one you had seen in the photo then politely say thank you and leave before money changes hand. It is your money, so bad experience is bad for all.

Be a gentleman, no violence or abusive words!