Various Phobias That Forbid People from Playing Escape Room Games

It is generally believed that the escape rooms are very scary. However, it is a misconception which has occupied the minds of the people. It prevents them from playing the games. The fact is that these are full of fun and entertainment. This is a place that can be enjoyed to the fullest with your friends, family members and workmates.

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Common Fears That Do Not Allow the Players to Play Escape Room Games

Most of the people do not have an idea about these games. Unless they do some research for the same. This helps to get an idea on how these are played in escape rooms. Emotions like fear can be overcome once you play the games.

Certain situations in these rooms can be handled with the help of your brainpower. This provides a sense of satisfaction and achievement when you get success in various tasks in the escape room.

Fear of Being in Confined Places (Claustrophobia)

The escape rooms are closed and the doors are locked. It may happen that the individual gets scared in such rooms. They feel suffocated in such rooms and do not want to go, for such games which are held in small spaces. However, this is truly a false notion, as these rooms are spacious and are designed by keeping in mind the safety and comfort of the players.

Locked in A Room

This restricts you to participate in escape room games. A feeling of anxiety and fear occupies your mind when you think about being locked in the escape room. This is not a reason to worry about because a safety key or an emergency button is usually provided by them.

The Actors in The Game Keep on Touching

You may have heard of the Zombie theme in which a Zombie actor is attached with a chain and searches you. However, sound, light and puzzles are used to create a good effect instead of scaring you.

Lack of Confidence and Are Afraid of Failure

There are a large number of activities that you need to play in escape rooms. To solve certain puzzles or to accomplish the tasks, you need to be open to learn new things and aware of your environment. Some puzzles can be solved easily using your presence of mind and analytical skills.

You get good experience in escape rooms. The memories are everlasting. Everybody cannot be a winner, but enjoying this adventurous journey needs to be the main goal. Each group has different capabilities. Some groups win the game, others fail. It gives them a chance to come again and face challenges.


Thus, these are the best options to avoid monotony. It gives a chance to players to try new things, mingles with their peers, thinks about the innovative ideas to manage difficult situations. The escape rooms offer good opportunity to players to explore and to arrive at proper conclusion.