What Do You Need to Know About Government Payment Solutions?

Government payments are designed to be complicated and diverse based on the need of the government. There are several tailored and seamless solutions available in the market that eases government payments. It also helps in keeping one connected to the constituents and communities.

So, if you are planning for a payment solution for any government agency, then you need to learn about these solutions in detail.

What are the reasons for which government agencies require payment solutions?

Whether small or large, government firms of different size need credit card processing systems for efficient handling of financial transactions. Some of the reasons that make these solutions useful are as follows:

  • Charging public utility to residents
  • Charge court fee
  • Charge traffic tickets
  • Issue Ids

Merchant processing solutions by are specialized software solutions that are designed to meet the individual needs of a business.  Payment options for government agencies streamline revenue collections, and offer impeccable customer service that makes it essential for present day’s government organizations.

Depending on the agency whether it accepts payments for fines, taxes, tickets, fees, tuition, etc. merchant solutions for government agencies streamlines collection of revenue, widens acceptance of payment, as well as reduce financial and administrative costs.

What is included in a merchant payment solution for government?

The right merchant payment solution understands the distinctive dynamics of government payments that include State, local and federal municipalities. These are:

  • Utilities such as electric, water, and gas
  • Building permits
  • Property taxes
  • Education
  • Parks
  • Recreation development centers
  • Courts
  • Libraries
  • Parking


To choose the right merchant payment solutions for government agencies, it is important for it to be flexible and easy. Such solutions will aid government entities to manage projects, optimize collections, and integrate systems, which results in higher service and convenience for constituents.

Some of the features offered by the payment merchant system are as follows:

  • Payment processing
  • Payment facilitation
  • Convenience fee support
  • EMV and PCI compliance education
  • Support
  • Expense reduction
  • No lease
  • 24-hour customer assistance

Qualities that a government agency require in a credit card processing solution

Following are the attributes that are needed from any credit card processing solution:

Integration of a shopping cart

The right merchant service provider provides the best means to integrate with the shopping card. It will ensure that your system is up and in the running state in negligible time.

Credit card terminals

POS systems for government agencies provide EMV chip card, contactless payment modes such as Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, and magnetic swipe. These techniques can also be used for processing of voids, Wi-Fi, 3G, returns, ethernet and phone line.


POS systems designed for government institutions offer hundreds of services and products that continuously meet the needs of the organization. Solutions are developed to fit in the needs of the business.

What are the different channels are supported?

Merchant payment solution makes it easy to accept payment via various different channels that make the life of the constituent life easy. Some of these channels include

  • In-person
  • Online
  • Kiosk
  • IVR/Phone


The above information must have equipped with all the understanding that is needed in a government merchant processing system.