The Wonder Material: 3 Amazing Facts About Graphene

Ever since graphene was first isolated by researchers in 2004, the list of patents involving this material has grown. As a result, the number of graphene manufacturing companies has risen drastically. With recent scientific breakthroughs, graphene has continued to gain notice, with many claiming it can be applied in a variety of usesbecause of its unique properties.

It’s Super Thin and Strong

Graphene ismade out of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal formation. It’s the standard thickness graphene manufacturers use on different products. It’s so thin that you can see through a sheet. Although this makes it seem like a flimsy material, it’s considered to be 200 times stronger than the toughest steel.

Due to its strength, researchers have found a way to apply it in combat gear. Sheets of graphene can absorb twice as much impact as Kevlar, the material used for bulletproof vests. Its thin nature also allows it to be extremely lightweight, making the gear less restrictive to wear.

It’s Very Conductive

It’s also popularbecause it’s an excellent electric conductor. Electrons can flow easily through graphene without resistance. That,coupled with the fact that it’s nearly invincible, makes the material ideal for computer display and solar cell components.

Using graphene in a battery makes it handle more charge without compromising the unit’s structural integrity. It’s why tech companies have been gradually transitioning to this carbon allotrope, instead of using lithium-ion. It inevitably makes electronic devices last longer, so you won’t have to keep buying replacements.

It’s Highly Impermeable

This material is also virtually impermeable. Its atoms are so compact and dense that helium atoms can’t squeeze through. That’s why it’s great formanufacturing highly sensitive gas detectors. Even the smallest quantity of gas will get caught in its lattice.

This characteristic also makes it a great additive to finishes. A coat of graphene-based paint can be used to prevent corrosion. You won’t have to worry about your steel beams outside wearing out because graphene can protect them from harmful weather and chemicals.

Although it was just recently discovered, research into its potential uses has gone global. Graphene manufacturing companies will continue to rise as the demand for it grows. The future only knows how this “wonder material” can help make society better.