Generating Energy from Installing Solar Panels Can Save on Electricity Bills

Many of us these days are becoming environmentally friendly. We in some way want to contribute to minimizing the carbon footprint. One of the most popular products that are creating huge waves in the market is the solar panels. Installing solar panels is a huge investment and might not be for everybody. You might have the money, but maybe your home is not ideal for the installation.

Is Installing Solar Panels an Ideal Solution for Your Home

If you live in an old home that requires repair, then installing solar panels might not serve the purpose here. You might want to renovate and then think about installing the same. The second most important fact that you might want to take into consideration is your roof structure. Does your roof offer plenty of sunlight or is covered by buildings or trees?

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You might even want to take into account the roof direction and the weight of your roof. If your roof is feeble, then it might not support the weight of the solar panels. Solar panels also need to allow for rainwater to flow into drainage pipes. You might even need to make some adjustments here.

The type of solar panels that you will install also plays a major role here. You can either opt for:

  • Thermal Solar Panels – Make use of sunlight to generate heat
  • Photovoltaic Solar Panels – Make use of photovoltaic cells to create energy

The panels can either be black (monocrystalline) or blue (polycrystalline) depending on your requirements.

Gathering All Information before Installing Solar Panels

The decision to install solar panels cannot be taken in a day. You need to spend some time and effort gathering as much information as possible about solar panels. Ensure that you contact credible companies and compare quotes with other companies before giving them the contract. You can even ask for references and if the client is nearby, you can visit their property to check out the solar panels installed. Ensure that you go through the contract thoroughly before signing it.

Some of the factors that you might need to take into consideration before installing solar panels include:

  • How will you monitor your electricity consumption after installing the solar panels?
  • Depending on your consumption level, you can determine the number of panels to install
  • Does the solar panel company offer a warranty?
  • If yes, what types of warranty do they offer?
  • What will be the total cost of the project?
  • Are they any hidden charges?
  • Is the company insured?
  • How will they account for damages or accidents on the site?


Your job is not done after the solar panels are installed. You need to take care of them and maintain them so that they function properly.