5 Crowd-Pleasing Brunch Ideas for the Late Riser

No matter how good the food is, breakfast isn’t for everyone – waking up at 6 in the morning is just too hard, especially on weekends. Brunch is the best compromise: you get the same satisfaction, but you can have it later during the day.

If you’re planning to host a midday party in Georgia with your friends, consider serving any of the following dishes. They take iconic breakfast food and give ita small twist.

Sweet? Savory? Why not Both?

If you’re aiming to host the best brunch in Kennesaw, GA, try serving fried chicken. It’s one of the many dishes the state is known for. Change it up a bit by serving it with waffles instead of mashed potatoes and gravy. The contrast between sweet and savory will earn everyone’s approval.

Add Fluffiness and a Lemony Zing

When you’re making pancakes for a late-morning meal, don’t just reach into your pantry for a ready-made mix. You have enough time to make them from scratch, which allows you to be a little more creative. Try adding a bit of ricotta in the batter to make it moist and fluffy. Grate a bit of lemon zest and squeeze in some juice, as well, for an extra zing.

Jazz Up a Brunch Classic

Eggs Benedict is a must-have on any brunch menu. But instead of serving a traditional recipe, make it extra special by adding crab cakes. The ingredientsfor this dish are easy to source in Georgia, so you’ll have no trouble making them.

Go Wild

You can’t have a list of brunch ideas in Kennesaw, GA without including shrimp and grits! It’s one of the most classic comfort foods of the South.

To make the dish more memorable, use wild Georgia shrimp. They’re known for being free of chemicals, antibiotics, and pesticides. They live in clean coastal waters, which give them a sweet,delicious taste and a pleasant, firm texture.

Go Heavy on the Protein

Do you know what makes brunch special? It’s still early enough in the day thateating something as heavy as steak and eggs is fine.Don’t worry about taking in all those calories – you still have several hours to burn them. Also, cookinghigh-quality meat in the later hours of the morningwon’t be a hassle since it just needs a good sear on a cast iron.

No Time to Cook? No Problem!

While homemade meals are delightful, cooking and cleaning can still be tiring, especially if you’re looking forward to relaxing on your day off. But you don’t have to give up having the best brunch in Kennesaw GA. There are many restaurants in the area that serve midday buffets. You can also try going a la carte and enjoy some of the dishes listed above.