What Exactly is Nipple Piercing and How It Is Done?

If you are hesitating to do nipple piercing, then it is high time to know the reasons why you need to do it. There isn’t any doubt that it is the most modest way of enhancing the beauty of your breast and nipple. Moreover, if you have perfect nipples, why not make it sexier. Before you make up your mind and get an appointment with an experienced person, here is general information about nipple piercing that you must know.

Why go for Nipple Piercing?

In simple terms, it can be defined as a kind of body piercing to enhance the beauty of nipples. For men it boosts up their macho status and for female it proves the best way to intensify their sexual attractiveness.

Nipples can be pierced in different ways however the most popular is horizontal way of piercing. You can try vertically as well as diagonally all will look quite gorgeous and stylish on you. After healing period, the first initial thing to do is shop for nipple piercing jewellery. The best place online is the PIERCEOFF marketing site that help their customers in every way to choose the best. You can browse through a wide range of jewels in the latest trends and thus you can never go wrong while buying from this popular website.

Here are a few nipple-piercing jewels to help you to choose the right one:

  • UV Nipple bars:

It is the most preferable design as it looks modest and made of body friendly surgical steel and acrylic plastic material. The fanciest ones are the UV balls giving special shinning effect while under the UV light. The ball size ranges from 6mm to 10mm.

  • Nipple rounder:

This kind mainly looks awesome on men. It is peculiar quality is that the rounder balls sliding over the nipple and the barbell passing in the middle of the rounds and the pierced spot make it a popular jewellery. The barbell can be in shape of bow and arrow or shaped like a ring.

  • Nipple rings:

You can say it is the most selling and sexiest looking thing and available in the widest designs and colours. You can opt for the designs and shape highlighting your boobs and nipples with ease. Mostly they are designed using surgical steel and silver metal. You can opt for diamonds even though it may seem expensive worth the efforts when your beloved says it enhances their erotic feelings and lure them to love you more.

Among all this variant of nipple jewels the most popular one is the simply curved nipple barbells. Good for both the genders to look exotically glamorous. The barbells are made of superior quality surgical steel for longer safe usage and available in all colour shades. To make it fancier, the balls are adorned with beads and single gem stones. Youngsters love to have the UV balls as they shine erotically in a dark room, thus totally a luring accessory on romantic nights.

Enjoy nipple piercing and set your own trend by choosing from the selection of nipple piercing jewels available online as well as in jewelry shop near you.