How to Find the Right Auto Body Shop After Accident?

An auto accident is a scary and stressful experience in the life of a person. You should be thinking of getting post-accident repair to bring your car to the original state. An auto body shop will be a good option to hire for handling all the repair work.

To prevent it from becoming an expensive affair, there are a few things that you need to consider while deciding to hire an auto accident.

Benefits that you get by hiring a body shop

The advantages that a body shop offers make it useful to hire it. Choosing an Insurer Recommended Body Shop will provide below-mentioned benefits.

Saves Time and Money

When you choose the body shop that is recommended by your insurer then it saves your money and time to locate it. Bricks Collision is a leading Collision Repair that has more than forty years of experience in auto body repairs.

Less Documentation

Along with saving time, when you work with an authorized body shop, then it saves you the problem of filling out documentation as needed by the insurer.


When you get your vehicle repaired by an auto body shop as recommended by your insurer, then they offer a decent reduction in the deductible amount. This is the amount that you pay from your side for the repair of the vehicle. Thus, hiring an insurer approved auto body shop helps you save money too.

Rental Car Coverage

This is another benefit of hiring a body repair shop for your damaged vehicle. If the repairs to be performed on your car will require several days for repair, then some insurer also offers alternative transportation in such situations.

Factors to consider when hiring a Body Shop

Relationships with the repair technician

If the repair professional at the auto shop knows your vehicle and its history, then there are good chances that he will accurately determine the extent of damage the vehicle developed in the accident. Familiarity is a plus point when you avail of service at a body shop.

Lack of authorized body shops in your area

The non-availability of a body shop in your area can be a good reason to get assistance from an insurer recommended shop. Driving far to find an approved shop, does not make it a convenient option than choosing the insurer approved body shop.

However, if you find that any other body shop is giving you quality service at a lesser price, then you can surely consider it over your own. You will still get the auto repair coverage from your insurer. In this case, your insurer will not deal with the auto repair firm to deal with the paperwork for the claim.

Asking the Right Questions

The right questions will help you ensure that your vehicle is in safe hands. You will find the right body shop that will assist you perform repairs efficiently and properly.


All these benefits and tips will definitely enhance your knowledge about a body shop. Give priority to insurer recommended body shop to get the best level of service with assured safety.