Mistakes That You Must Avoid While Vaping CBD

Vaping is considered to be most effective method to consume CBD, as it can enter into our blood stream almost immediately and create a difference. Those who have a habit of smoking can find a better alternative for vaping.

However, while you choose to vape CBD, there are few mistakes that can be counterproductive too. Often people end up doing the following few mistakes in the beginning.

  • Using a huge bottle containing CBD

Often people go for buying a larger bottle of aceite vape de CBD (CBD vape oil), thinking that it will be a better deal. However, the fact is that bigger the size of your bottle, concentration of CBD will be proportionately lower.

  • Considering hemp oil and CBD oil as same

Comparatively hemp oil will be much cheaper than CBD oil and also that will contain very little amount of CBD too. So, it will be a mistake to buy hemp oil thinking it to be same like CBD oil, as it will be very less effective.

  • Vaping CBD oil

Always prefer to buy vaping oil of CBD instead of CBD oil for vaping. Vaping oil is also known as vaping juice or e-liquid, which will go with your vaping pen. Never use CBD oil which is less bioavailable than vaping oil.

  • Adding any nicotine in CBD e-liquid

Prefer not to buy those e-liquids that also contains nicotine. Nicotine will degrade the effect of CBD and you may not get the right benefit. If you want to vape nicotine then use different vaping pen for that.

  • Using bigger coil or tank for CBD

CBD e-liquid can be quite runny and hence you should not put it into any bigger tank having bigger coil, as it may probably drip out air holes and will waste your CBD and may create a mess in the pocket too.

  • Going with higher dose

Dosing is another common mistake, as dose may vary from person to person. It will always be better to start with lower dose and if you don’t experience the effects of CBD then gradually increase the dose till you find your right dose.

  • Not spacing enough between puffs

Another common mistake that people often do is not waiting for sufficient time between each puff. As a beginner, you must wait about 5 to 10 minutes after each puff so that you can see how it reacts.

  • Using any typical vape kit

People commonly use certain vape kit that is easily available to them. If you use any vape kit for any other e-liquids, then certainly it will not be an ideal setup for vaping CBD.

Instead of preferring any average vape kit with a big tank, prefer something smaller pod device or any starter kit.

  • Not reading instructions of kit

Don’t be in hurry to use your vaping kit rather take few minutes to read all the instructions that is supplied with vape kit before you use it for first time.

Often people, who have already used a kit before, assume that all kits are the same but the reality is, all vape devices have a slight difference.