Types of Storage Containers

Storage containers are commonly used by businesses and individuals to fulfill a need for portable, weatherproof storage space. In fact, for many people, the use of shipping containers for storage represents an affordable way to reclaim space and store needed items securely on-premises, during transport, or at a job site.

Because of the diversity of uses for storage containers, they come in many configurations that can meet most storage needs. Whether you need double-door containers with access on both ends or heated storage containers to maintain temperature control in cold weather, there’s like a storage container that perfectly matches with your application. Keep reading to learn more about the different types available when it comes to storage containers in Long Island, NY.

Standard Container

The most common type of storage ISO container used for general storage purposes is the standard container. It’s a no-frills, secure, resilient steel container that seals completely and has rigid lockable doors. They have doors on one end and come in multiple lengths from eight feet to 40 feet.

Flat Rack

A flat rack container is primarily used for shipping, but it can also be used for storage in some circumstances. A flat rack has walls that fold down to create a flat surface for securing heavy machinery or large equipment. They come in lengths of 20 feet and 40 feet.

Open Top

An open top container is basically a standard container with a removable top. They can be helpful for storing raw materials that need to be shielded from the elements but may mound over the top of the container. The open top also allows for the container to be accessed via the roof with a crane or lift, so it’s great for items that may be hard to fit through a standard door.

Double Door

Double door containers, also known as tunnel containers, are similar to standard containers in most ways with one notable difference. Instead of only having secure doors at one end, a double door container has doors on both ends. That allows easy access to items in both ends of the container and allows for speedy loading and unloading. That’s helpful when storing items that need to be accessed frequently.

High Cube

A high cube container is simply a standard container with extra height. While standard containers are 8.5 feet tall, a high cube container provides an extra foot of height at 9.5 feet tall. That can be useful in circumstances where a higher volume container is needed. They come in lengths of 40 feet and 45 feet.

Reefers and Insulated

Reefer containers are helpful when storing or transporting products that require strict temperature control such as meats and other food items. They are made of Cor-Ten steel and use an external power source to maintain temperature regulation. Insulated containers are similar in that they maintain a steady internal temperature, but they accomplish that with an internal mechanical compressor and a vacuum flask design that provides excellent insulation from outdoor temperatures.

There are many different types of available storage containers in Long Island NY, so make sure you understand their individual characteristics before shopping for one that meets your needs. There’s a storage container for every application, and with a little research you can find the perfect fit.