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Designing a Patio withLarge Concrete Pavers

A patio can make a wonderful addition to your home. You can do so much withthe extra space, like adding plants, décor, and furniture to create a beautiful room to host events in or relax after a hard day’s work. Concrete pavers are one of the best materials to use because they supplya natural stone look you’ve always wanted. Here is an in-depth guide to designing a patio using concrete pavers.

Prepare the Location

Before you begin, contact a professional from your local utilities. They’ll mark the location of any electrical lines, plumbing, and cables in the location you want to put the installing pavers for your patio. Once this is complete, dig six or more feet down into the ground. If you have dry soil, water at night to soften and dampen the dirt to make digging easier. Make sure you can dispose of the dirt properly too.

Next, remove any weedsso you can create a level base for the pavers. You can create a barrier, preventing weeds from growing between the installing pavers, by adding leveling sand for pavers on top of the soil and laying down landscaping cloth over the sand. You must also make sure the foundation slopes enough to drain added moisture. You can achieve this by planning a quarter-inch elevation drop every two feet.

Be Creative

Though your main material is large concrete pavers, don’t be afraid to play with assorted sizes. Mixing Large, regular, and small pavers will make your patio stand out in the best way. Use rectangular pavers and edging to give the space a luxurious feel. Using small red brick pavers or lush grass as edging with large square concrete pavers creates a modern appeal everyone will love.

Pavers also come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Experiment with a broad range of shades and patterns to create a unique design for your patio. Use colors that complement your home’s landscaping or architecture or get inspiration from color schemes inside your home. Make sure the sizes and colors you choose blend smoothly, or you’ll end up with a patchwork look (unless that’s what you’re going for).

Create your Own Large Pavers

Purchasing and installing pavers in large sizes can be expensive. If you’re strapped for cash, use smaller pavers to create a large one. Create a stunning visual by arranging small square and rectangular concrete pavers in a running bond pattern. If you don’t have square pavers, cut extra rectangular ones in half. Remember to keep a tight edge between pavers and the surrounding landscape with vinyl, cement, or metal edging. When designing a patio, installing pavers supplies natural beauty to the space.