How Blogging Can Boost Up Your SEO?

People get confused between blogs and traditional websites. Therefore several businesses use both. They add a blog section on their business website. The two major differences that set apart blogs from a traditional website is –

  1. Blogs get frequently updated. It can be a parenting blog, travel blog, food blog, designer blog, etc. new content gets added 2 to 4 times a week. On the other hand, websites show static information with occasional changes.
  2. Blogs allow readers engagement. Audience and blog post writers can connect just like in social media channels. Websites do incorporate conversation, but the blog allows more interaction in comparison.

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How blogging can boost up your SEO?

Gain an opportunity to target more keywords

The landing pages optimization for every service and homepage optimization for the main keyword is ideal on your website. This is not sufficient to attract plenty of traffic because hundreds of relevant sites are already targeting those keywords. Backlinks can help to enhance your rankings, but over time it gets hard to organically link your product page.

Blogging helps in such scenarios. Start blogging with more relevant keywords and add them to an engaging blog post. You can choose long-tail keywords because they are easier to rank.

Natural link building opportunities

High-quality backlinks are crucial for high ranking. Domain authority increase can help to attain those links, which can be engaged with blogging. Bloggers link to a good blog post instead of a product or service page. It may not impact your ranking directly but strengthen your domain. This adds value to every webpage on your site. Research reveals that companies that blog gain 97% more links on their sites.

Obtain more brand mentions

Off-page optimization strategy includes brand mention, which is often ignored. Google respects brands. Blogging can help to build brand awareness. As your brand gets mentioned on social media with likes, tweets, and comments Google starts rewarding your site.

Demonstrate expertise

Google looks for EAT or Expertise-Authority-Trustworthiness. An active blog reveals your expertise in the niche. If your blog has numerous incoming links as well as brand mentions then you win Authority, which ultimately leads to Trustworthiness. With all the EAT factors, SEO gets enhanced. Blogging is a secure and effective way of doing this.

Make sure to use blogging correctly because publishing random blogs will not be helpful.

  • Never target the same keywords as landing pages.
  • The keyword used on other pages has to be relevant to the main keyword.
  • Choose titles that don’t ask questions but offer them answers like ‘How blogging can boost up your SEO? The title tells the user the techniques they can use to enhance their SEO. It encourages users to click!