How To Get Your Music On Spotify

Uploading your music tracks to online platforms like Spotify will help you reach an audience and earn a living. It will help you make your music available worldwide.

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Spotify is an excellent online streaming platform for artists to get their music onto. Getting your song onto one of the thousand playlists of Spotify can be a major win to gain more listeners, reach out to the audience, and earn a better living.

Guidelines for submitting your music on Spotify

  • You must have an uploaded music track on Spotify before, you can’t use direct submission process for your first release
  • You’ll be required to complete the playlist submission procedure at least seven days before your song’s release
  • You can upload only one unreleased music track at a time. Once the song uploads in Spotify playlist, you can then add another song to the playlist
  • You’ll be asked to provide authentic and genuine information associated with your music track like the genre of the song, instrumental or non-instrumental, selecting the cover for your music track and many other specifications.
  • Submit music only on desktop- submission can’t take place on the mobile version of Spotify for artists
  • Not possible to upload the already released song.
  • The procedure is free of cost

Steps to submit your song for Spotify playlist

  • The first thing that you need is Spotify for Artists account. When your unreleased music will qualify for submission, you will receive an email that says, “Your music is scheduled for release.”
  • Now you need to log in to Spotify for Artists account.
  • Your details like bio, pictures, and avatar should be updated timely. This stuff can be used by the app while sharing your music.
  • In the top navigation menu, select ‘Music’. Then click on ‘Upcoming’.
  • Select the desired song from the list that appears on the screen. Now click on ‘Pitch a Song’.
  • Now provide all the information related to the song. Make sure that you select your language, region, moods, genres, and other required information correctly.
  • You will need to make a short pitch at the end. You can mention anything fascinating about music or your marketing plans. It will reflect your efforts for the success of your track and you will get your songs on Spotify.


Uploading and selling your music through online stores do a lot to promote an artist’s music. It will help you reach out to your audience quickly and easily. Your unique content will also aid in the success of your music album. The online mode of distribution will make your music available worldwide and soon you begin to see royalties striking your bank account.