Get Familiar with Bong Styles and Working

The basic working concept of bongs is the same, as it was many centuries ago. Bongs feature a tiny bowl, where dry weed is put. When the weed is lighted, there is combustion. As you inhale, bubbles form at the bottom of the bong giving rise to the smoke.

The smoke passes through the percolator filled with water, then the chamber before it enters your mouth and ends in the lungs. The smoke gets cooled before it enters your mouth. Unlike the rolling paper smoking method, the hit is smooth and cool.

Bongs for sale are available in a plethora of sizes and shapes. You can even find a basic design with a chamber and bowl. There are colorful options including artistic work like the dankstop, which animal enthusiasts will adore. The glass elephant spoon pipe can be bought at online Newbies can choose hand pipe to smoke because they may find dab rigs and bong smoking a little challenging.

Bong material options

  • Glass – It offers a pure and clean taste because glass does not impact smoke flavor. Glass is transparent and monitoring the buildup of resin is easy. Cleaning the glass is also simple. The only drawback is that glass bongs are pricey.
  • Plastic – In terms of popularity and durability plastic stands second in the list. Glass bongs need careful handling, while a plastic one is unbreakable even if it falls accidentally on the ground. They are cheap and a great option for travelers. The drawback is it can impact the smoke taste a little.
  • Ceramic – You get ceramic bongs in novelty colors, sizes, and shapes as the material is easy to work due to its malleability. Unfortunately, it is fragile, heavy, and expensive. It is a great bong type to add to your display collection and use on special occasions.
  • Bamboo – You can choose a traditional bamboo tube sealed on one side to a metal-ornate, fancy design. It is durable and if treated properly lasts all life.
  • Metal – Metal is robust, long-lasting, and durable. It is cheap but the smoke flavor is unpleasant. Besides, you will never know when to clean the resin buildup.

Bong designs

  • The carburetor bong has a hole, which allows fresh air to enter the pipe.
  • A Straight-tube bong is a simple design with a sealed stem at the bottom and bowl on the side poking out.
  • Beaker bong is shaped like a straight-tube design but the bottom is blown into a cone-shape with a large base for better stability.
  • Round-base bongs are like beaker bongs but with a much wider base. The working mechanics of straight, round, and beaker bongs are the same.
  • A Multi-chamber bong or recycler bong is a straight tube with two separate chambers connecting them to a third tube or chamber. Two chambers hold water and the smoke gets cooled twice. They are hard to clean and too costly as building them is difficult.
  • Percolator Bong is either in the shape of a beaker, straight tube, round-base, or any other shape. They contain a percolator which is a glass piece that dissipates smoke before it goes through water causing the bubbling effect. The smoke spreads out evenly and gets better filtered and cooled faster. A bong can have single or multi-chamber percolators. Cleaning is hard and not to forget the high cost.