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Custom Logo rugs: How are they produced?

Custom logo rugs give brands the chance to make a professional statement about their corporate identity. Most custom rugs and mats come with custom designs on bespoke-weaved rugs to deliver aesthetics, functionality, and durability. The custom logo rug can be used to communicate the brand identity and supporting information of an organization. Hence they can be used at government agencies, churches, shops, supermarkets, offices, businesses, restaurants, homes, public events, and so on.

Most people are usually curious about the steps involved in the production of custom rugs. How are they produced? What goes into the production of the branded rug? Are they hand-woven or produced by machine?

The following section shares more insight into the production process of this important branding tool for modern businesses.

Custom Logo rugs: The production process

There are two essential methods of producing rugs; the hand-woven method and the machine method. In many industrial settings, the machine method is usually used. This is because it can produce numerous rugs within a short time, and it ensures quality. Machine-made rugs can be produced according to the standards of the user. Most machine-made rugs come with knotting and weaving that are perfectly even. This is used to guarantee durability.

The various processes for producing custom rugs and mats

1). The production process: The rugs are produced by machines called power looms. These power looms can produce many rugs in a short time. The power looms produces the rugs by wrapping all fibre of the rug around starter threads – which act as a foundation. The wrapped fibres and threads are then pressed together. This process is similar to the handwoven process, except that it is controlled by electronics and subjected to heavy quality control routines. This results in a rug that comes with a strong, uniform, and even surface. The rug is usually produced on an all-white empty surface like a sheet of paper.

2). The printing process: Many custom office rugs are digitally printed with an electronic machine. These machines are usually fed with the coloured logo of a client company. This logo is designed in an image and format that is approved by the client. The approved logo is then fed into the computer. The computer then sends the signal to the printing handle. This printing handle then goes ahead and prints on the previously produced rug. The digital printer then prints the image of the client’s business onto the rug. After several minutes, the printing process is completed. This is usually a fast way of producing custom logo office rugs.

3). The finishing process: Next, the custom logo office rugs are then subjected to a post-printing process. This is usually the finishing process where it is finally trimmed and cleaned. There could be extra layers added to the back of the rug to promote durability and softness. Several other things are done to the rug such as final cleaning and polishing to get a shiny and attractive surface.

Machine-made branded rugs

Branded rugs that are made with the machine are usually affordable and come with long-term durability. An average machine-made mat or rug has a 20-year life span. This durability depends on the fibre used as well as the quality of the rug. When well-maintained a high-quality branded machine-made rug could last for decades.