The given category is for mechanical devices that provide energy to an operation to enable it to move. Rotary equipment The process equipment sector has many types of rotating equipment. It consists of components that move liquids and solids through a series of drivers, driven components, and transmission devices. This type of application is often found in steam and gas turbines.

Steam turbines can act as drivers by using steam pressure to stimulate the rotary machinery such as pumps, compressors, forced-draft fans, and pumps. The gas turbines can use compressed air to power the generator, or “scoop tubes”, which are fluid couplings to drive the rotating machinery. This equipment can be dangerous, so workers need to be cautious and use the appropriate precautions to avoid injury.

There are many options for equipment, including:


The heart of power plants is the gas turbine. The main function of a gas turbine is to produce electricity by heating mixtures of fuel and air at high temperatures, causing the turbine blades to spin. We are not suppliers and will continue to choose the best gas turbines for our clients while minimizing their costs.


A steam turbine is also important for the process industry. It converts thermal energy into mechanical energy. The turbine can operate at either constant or variable speeds depending upon the application. They can be used as a mechanical drive to pump compressors or pumps. Available in a variety of sizes, they are available in varying sizes.


A compressor is used to increase the fluid’s pressure, which in turn reduces its volume. Compressible gases can be used to compress liquids as well. We provide the best air compressors for refineries and general manufacturing.


We have a wide range of gearboxes available in a variety of sizes, types, and shapes, including worm, helical and planetary. The purpose of gearboxes is to change the speed, direction, and torque of the mechanical equipment platform. This is an essential piece of equipment. With a very small amount of rotational force, they can generate even more torque.


A reciprocating engine is used to transform pressure into a rotational motion. It can be used in many power generation applications, such as providing backup power for power generation or for industrial and commercial power systems. Because we know how vital automation is in the process industry, we provide robust and high-quality products.


There are two types: a two-stroke and a four-stroke diesel engine. It is the most efficient combustion engine in the domestic and industrial industries. Modern diesel engines are quieter, more cost-effective, and require less maintenance than natural gas or propane-powered generators.


Controls and instrumentation are essential for smooth operation. They must be of the highest quality in order to measure and control the entire process. It is also used in various industries, such as industrial and fire pumping and irrigation.

Accessories and Ancillaries

Our extensive parts lists include a wide variety of accessories and ancillaries, from filters to bearings. These parts are necessary to maintain the smooth operation and efficiency of rotating equipment.