How To Use Hypnosis To Get Motivated

The Latin word ‘more’ meaning ‘to move,’ is where we get the English word motivation,’ which is one of the driving forces behind human behavior. In other words, we can’t expect to get anywhere if we don’t get up and do anything. Without inspiration, it would be impossible to reach our goals and improve our lives. Being inspired and stay motivated to take action helps us realize our potential and fulfill our lives.

But it’s tough to keep up your motivation constantly. The ups and downs of life are known to affect our levels of motivation, and sadly, a lack of motivation can lead to mental diseases like depression. Keeping this in mind, it’s crucial that we learn to keep our motivation up and to recognize the signs of demotivation and the actions to take to revive it.

Influencing Factors

A person is considered to be extrinsically driven if they require outside influences, such as rewards, to keep them going. By contrast, it is thought that an individual’s incentive to improve at a particular activity originates from within them, making this type of motivation intrinsic. The results of an endeavor driven mostly by intrinsic factors, such as curiosity or interest, are often more satisfying to the person who is motivated to complete the task at hand.

What Motivates Us?

A psychologist said people have five wants (and stages).

  • Biological, includes food, water, relaxation, and sexual fulfillment.
  • Having a safe location to retreat to, being free from danger, and feeling secure is key to safety.
  • Friendship, family, and close relationships are needed.
  • Desire to be regarded by peers and to value oneself; belonging and significance.
  • Self-improvement and potential expression.

To advance, we must meet all our wants. Self-actualization is the final objective of development and can’t be reached until all others are.

This hierarchy of requirements allows for some wiggle room, so a person can go forward and back as needed. Similar to real life, there are many back-and-forths, and our motivation can fluctuate, making it difficult to reach stage requirements.

Overwhelming, negative self-talk, lack of interest in the task/goal, lack of confidence, and procrastination can reduce motivation. The longer these circumstances “put off” a person, the less motivated they become. Our mind works against us the more we avoid something. Can we maintain our motivation despite difficult and demotivating circumstances?

Keeping Your Mind Straight

What could go wrong with your goal, incentive, and hopeful outlook? As we’ve seen, life’s challenges and shocks can change our priorities. A setback might reduce motivation. Don’t despair; hypnotherapy can help.

Hypnosis retrains the unconscious mind to think differently. Hypnosis calms the subject’s body and mind before inducing heightened concentration and deep relaxation. If you enter this state, we can give your subconscious mind advice. These affirmations provide your unconscious mind the power to change detrimental habits that sabotage your success.

Using hypnosis, you can:


Hypnosis can help you imagine yourself as a successful, goal-achieved person. Imagine that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals to help you succeed. Hypnosis can help you visualize emancipation from past issues that have kept you from being strong, confident, and sure of yourself.

Having Achieved Success

The elation and fulfillment that will be yours once your goal has been reached can be amplified by hypnosis. Hypnosis can improve your awareness of the beneficial effects your accomplishments have on people outside just yourself. You can relax and enjoy your accomplishments while under the influence of hypnosis.