Amazing Shapes for Women’s Eyeglasses

There are so many styles and designs available for women’s glasses. Cheap online eyeglasses are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Let’s take an in-depth look at the various eyeglass shapes available for women. Also, let’s discuss some important considerations when selecting the best eyeglass shape for you.

The following are important points to consider when selecting eyeglass shapes:

  • The shape of your eyewear should complement your best facial features.
  • The frame should contrast with your face.
  • The frame size must match your facial measurements.

There are several styles of eyeglasses that women can choose from: oval, rectangle, shield, and wayfarer.

Aviator Eyeglasses

Since the 2000s, aviator eyeglasses are very popular. These glasses feature large frames that are very low and flare out at the sides. These glasses are also known by the name pilot eyeglasses. Their frames are made of thin metal and have an extra bar that runs across the top nasal bone. This connects both lenses.

These aviator glasses are best suited for small faces that have oval, diamond, or round faces.

Rectangle Eyeglasses

Rectangular eyeglasses can be purchased in half-rim, full-rim, or rimless frames. They work best for oval and square faces.

An oblong facial shape is longer than it is wide. It also has a long nose, straight cheek lines, and a narrow nose. Frames with a large width are best to balance the frame and make it appear shorter. To add width, you can also use rectangular glasses that have decorative temples.

Square faces have strong jawlines and a broad forehead. These faces also have a similar length and width. They look better if they are made longer. Square faces look best with rectangular eyeglasses, which have narrower frames and narrow ovals. They soften the angles that make the face appear longer.

Oval Eyeglasses

Oval eyeglasses suit oval and circular faces best. An oval face is well balanced. Oval eyeglasses are best suited for oval faces because they complement the natural shape of the eyes. Because they are neither too narrow nor too deep, walnut glasses work well for such faces.

A round face has curve lines, which are similar in length and width to a square, and no sharp angles. With narrow, angular glasses frames, such faces can appear longer and thinner. Frames that are wider than deep complement such faces can also be used.

Shield Eyeglasses

Shield eyeglasses are wider at the top than at the bottom. Because the lenses resemble a shield, they are called shield eyeglasses. Shield eyeglasses work best with oval or round faces, to give them a well-shaped appearance.

Cat Eyeglasses

These glasses feature lenses that flare out at their temples. They are often embellished with a design or jewel. Cat eyeglasses work best with diamond- and round-shaped faces.

Diamond faces are narrow from the eyes to the jawline. They also have broad cheekbones that are high and tall. This face is rare. You should use cat eyeglasses (or oval eyeglasses) to soften your cheekbones and highlight your eyes. These glasses have significant brow lines or detail.

Wayfarer Eyeglasses

These glasses feature thick frames made of plastic and larger lenses. These eyeglasses add a unique, classy look to an individual while giving them a geeky appeal.