Which Floor Mats Are Best for Your Facility: Renting vs. Buying Commercial Floor Mats

You can see why commercial flooring mats are essential for maintaining and protecting commercial floors. But, it is not clear if you should rent commercial floormats or purchase them.

Entry mats can be costly depending on the size and requirements of your facility. You might wonder if you will be able to break even on your mat investment before they wear out. There are many factors that you need to consider before making a decision about whether to buy or rent.

This article will focus on the four most important factors to consider when deciding whether it is better to rent or buy entry mats.

Should a Commercial Mat be Rented or bought?

There are two main routes to purchasing commercial floor mats.

You can purchase floor mats directly from the distributor, or you can rent mats from a commercial flooring mat rental service.

You can choose to rent or buy depending on four factors.

  • Prices
  • Functionality
  • Quality
  • Maintenance

1. Prices

The price is the most important aspect of deciding whether or not to rent or purchase commercial floor mats.

The cost of commercial mats is dependent on many factors, such as:


The higher the commercial floor mat, the more costly it will be for you to buy or rent them.

The safety and appearance of your facility will depend on the size of the floormats you select. Your guests will appreciate a larger mat or runner in their commercial establishment.


Mats of higher quality will generally be more expensive.


If you need more floor mats than you can use in your facility, then you will end up paying more for your matting.


Mats made up of 100% rubber are the most common, but you can also ask for mats with crush-resistant fibers. This will make them more expensive.


You can add branding to your building with custom floormats. You may pay more for custom mats.

2. Functionality

Next, take into consideration your budget and think about how your mats will look.

Commercial floor mats are customizable to include logos, text, and colors.

Functionality Purchased Commercial Mats

You can get a wider selection of commercial floor mats for your business.

The ability to choose the particular appearance of your matting is a great option for buildings that have specific designs in mind.

Purchased floor mats are available in larger sizes so they can cover more surface area.


No matter whether you lease or buy your commercial mats, it’s important to assess how the mats perform in your space.

You have the option to choose mats made of materials that improve the performance of your floormats. You can choose vinyl floor tiles that will last longer and improve the appearance of any facility.


No matter if you are renting or buying commercial floor mats, your staff of janitors will need to perform daily clean-up and maintenance.

Depending on whether you rent or buy floor mats, the amount of care they need will vary. The labor cost for maintaining your floor mats will increase if they require more maintenance.

Purchased Commercial Floormat Maintenance

You’ll need to take extra care of floor mats once they are purchased.

You will need to clean your mats every day.

Mats that have been thoroughly cleaned and maintained are an advantage.

You can also tell your staff the best ways to maintain you’re flooring mats to make sure they adhere to your standards.